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Perhaps you recognize Arkadia from television, or from the numerous horror variety shows at Liseberg, or perhaps from the many festivals he has headlined over the years. Regardless of which, chances are that your customers will be thrilled when Arkadia enters stage. In addition, Arkadia won the Grand Prix in Stage Magic 2018 at the Swedish Championship in magic and has been one of few magicians to enter "Penn & Tellers Fool Us" show in Las Vegas.


Arkadia is a variety artist with a broad repertoire for family, corporate and festivals. Magician, juggler, escape artist, comedian, jester and fool. All at once - in a madcap party package.

He was born in a city very close to his family. He used his childhood to dream and escape to other worlds and all of a sudden he was an adult. At an early age, he began to look for the meaning of life - which he is still looking for. Even though magic has taken him part there.


Over the years, Arkadia has participated in international magic exchanges, worked as a magic consultant and is the creator of many unique concepts. Including Mysteria and Karneval Macabre.


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When you hire Arkadia, you can be absolutely sure that no one in the audience gets ill-treated or feels uncomfortable. The key words in all appearances are comedy, warmth and atmosphere. Arkadia makes sure that everyone is seen and to let people be as they are. Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, they are all equally important and beautiful.


Our world is in desperate need of hope, laughter and pleasure. It is so easy to focus on the misery in the world - instead of the beauty. Our lives are too short to not enjoy every second - to suck out every ounce of happiness.

  • Earth without 'art' is just 'Eh'!


Arkadia is known for his flexibility and willingness to take the extra steps in turning your event into a success. It can be anything from changing show times at last second, reorganize the structure of the event or incorporate new ideas. With years of experience, Arkadia knows what can be done - and thus what is probably the best in the current situation.


When you hire Arkadia you know that he will do anything in his power to carry out the show that you've ordered. This means that you do not have to worry about canceled shows because of rain, sickness or any other reason. Arkadia will make the best of the situation.

  • The Variety Theater is a school of excellence, generosity and cerebral synthesis for buffoons, acrobats, mind readers, entertainers, imitators and parody makers, for musical magicians and eccentric American clowns, who from their pregnant pants pick the most unlikely objects and mechanisms. "